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Improvisation, or improv for short, its the art of composing or executing theater that is unprepared beforehand. Although improv is all about spontaneity and creativity, there are simple ways basics and rules that set the basis for creative thought. Not only do some of the basics apply to the practice, but they can be helpful in everyday life as well. 


Stay Present

When you are participating in improv, try to stay in the moment. Focus less on what you want to say next, and try to respond to your partner. Avoid thinking about anything outside of your current performance. The more focused you are, the better you’ll be. 


Remember Those Around You

Improv is less about you and more about the scene you’re creating. If you’re working with a partner or a group of actors, try to be mindful of them. Whatever you say or do, they need to bounce off of your performance. The more aware of that you are, the better your partners can respond, and the better your scene is in return. 


Agree and Move Forward

As previously mentioned, it’s important to remember that the scene you’re doing is a group endeavor. One of the golden rules of improv is to recognize the reality your partner has created and move forward. Remember the phrase “Yes And.” When your partner says or does something, try not to walk it back, agree with it. Then build or alter the path with your “And” and move forward with your scene.


Mistakes Will Happen

Success is not possible 100% of the time. Knowing that when you go into your improv performance is more helpful than harmful. Understanding the reality of mistakes helps you minimize the effect those choices have on your performance. If you trip over your words or draw a mental blank, don’t dismay. Acknowledge, adjust, and recover.


Have Fun

Improv is the optimum of creativity, energy, and fun. Loosen up and get caught up in the energy. You most often have the most success when you step out of the comfort zone