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Remember the old adage about what comes first, the chicken or the egg? The same often applies to life and art. Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? Whatever the order is, improv and life are directly intertwined. The way we use improv is impacted by our experiences and what we see in our everyday life. The skills we learn improv can be directly translated into the way we process things in our life.

Some of the tips that we use for improv can also apply to our lives. Don’t think of this just as tips for improv, but ways to help with life as well. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Dull

When people start improvising, they often think they have to be crazy and outlandish with the scenes they decide to conduct. In contrast, the reality is that the best performances often come from truth. When performing a view, the entire production is as much enhanced by the realistic, genuine details than the climax. The same applies in life. The truth may not be exciting, but it is genuine, and that matters just as much.

Embrace Connection

Don’t be afraid to embrace connections. Improv, much like life, can be considered a “team sport.” Try to rely on the people you are conducting the scene with. It’s easy to forget when you get lost in the high of performing that you aren’t the star of the show. The same applies in life, we aren’t doing it alone, and we certainly cannot act like it. 

Improv is a great way to improve the way you work and the way you live life. Pay attention to the way you perform; it also affects your life.