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In its purest form, improv is a concept that helps people from all walks of life develop relationships and achieve success. The essential principles of improvisation are living in the moment and making the most out of interactions. Improv classes teach people to go with the flow rather than undermining a specific outcome in a conversation. They are available in many cities, small and large. 


Here are several ways that improvisation helps people of all ages and walks of life.




Improv is a release from the world of social media and virtual communication. As the world evolves, people become dependent on social media, which lowers their ability to connect with others in the real world. Unlike text messaging, improv forces individuals to engage in high-energy interactions in person. Those in the business world understand that making sales person to person is the best way to succeed. The asynchronous world has lowered people’s general ability to communicate and relate to others on the spot.




The art form of improv also sharpens awareness, which leads to better responses to surprises. Great conversations are often unpredictable and don’t go in the expected directions. When people assume the outcome of a conversation, they often miss out on tremendous opportunities that could’ve led to a sale or relationship. Individuals typically try to map out interactions to avoid awkward pauses and moments when they don’t know what to say. Ironically, this preplanning can lead to even less desirable outcomes than they feared. Even though many interactions require structure, improvisation presents a humanistic element to balance out the system.




Lastly, improv shows people how to be more attentive listeners and respond slower than usual. This level of attention allows others to open up in a way that may not have been possible. Letting other people finish their sentences is a critical aspect of improv and an overall desirable life trait. At the least, people appreciate it when others consciously listen to them instead of interrupting them. When heard and valued, others are more willing to open up and communicate on a deeper level.


An excellent tool for success, improv helps people of all ages build relationships, succeed in the professional world, and, most of all, have fun.